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Welcome to kosMan! We are specialists for contract production and contract filling, cosmetics development and powder products.


The cosmetics market has changed in recent years. Consumers are paying more attention to high-quality ingredients and the tolerability of products. Drugstores, hairdressers and retail chains expect you to deliver the requested quantities at the right time and to flexibly meet peak demands. In addition, you must differentiate your products in a highly competitive environment by delivering high quality and products with outstanding properties.


Partner for contract production, contract filling and distribution logistics

We manufacture your products and deliver them reliably and in high quality exactly where and when you need them. Produced according to the European Cosmetic Decree and Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP), your hair, body and facial care as well as hair colours are individually packaged and delivered just in time to any location in the world. Even repeat orders in smaller quantities can be produced quickly, because thanks to an intelligent system control we can also produce smaller quantities at economical prices.


In addition, we have been working with powders in contract production and contract filling for more than 20 years. We can process small batches beginning at 50 kilograms of powder and would be pleased to make our experience with powder products available to you.

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Tailored to your needs, driven by market demands: cosmetics development

If you do not yet have your own brand or would like to expand your product range, we are happy to develop for you. This will enable you to turn your vision of the optimal product into reality, establish unique selling points early in cosmetics development and expand your customer base with a high-quality product line. Whether you need conventional or natural cosmetics - we have many years of experience in both areas, use the finest raw materials and process them gently for an optimal result. Trust our expertise and we will be at your side right from the start! In addition, we can produce and fill your products and assist you with the design and selection of your packaging.


White label products ready for sale

Instead of having your individual products made, you can also order our filled product lines. They are available to you at short notice and also in smaller quantities. After labelling, they are ready for sale. In addition to these advantages, you save development costs. Check out our catalogue here.


We can do even more, challenge our expertise

This is only a short summary of our services, but there are no limits. Tell us about your visions and innovative ideas and challenge our expertise! We are happy to assist.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to talk to you!


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